Gargoyle Legends

“You know all those monsters and myths throughout history that people were ever afraid of? Well, we’re real.”

They’ve always existed. More than that, we’ve always known about them. Every culture in the world has stories of strange creatures, part-human beasts, shapeshifters, beings with uncanny power and strength. They’ve been worshipped and feared, hunted and hated, and still they live on, as heroes and horrors depending on the choices they make.

This tale starts in Garville, Maine, when the teenage descendants of the city’s founders realize they’ve inherited the taint of gargoyle blood. Ritualistic murderers, secret societies, overzealous assassins, and dark, otherworldly entities are only a few of the perils they face as they attempt to use their dark heritage to fight for the light and carve out their own legend on the fringes of history.

The Gargoyle Club

Grotesque Game

Demon’s Nest

Devil Water

Manticore Blood

Crumbled Colossus

Nephilim Rising

Brimstone Angels

Short Stories

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